"Fashions fade; Style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent


Louis Vuitton - Men’s Accessories Autumn / Winter 2012

Accessories are the bedrock of a fashion house. After all, accessories fit everyone, cost less and last longer than garments, outwardly display who is carrying what, and add flair to any outfit. It is also certain that Louis Vuitton understands and relies on their customer’s desire for the expansion of their current accessories along with creation of new lines altogether. With that being said, Marc Jacobs knocked the ball out of the park with his latest show. 

The Bags

My favorite part of these new quilted bags are that Marc took a traditional Louis Vuitton motif, and tweeked it just enough in order to have the end result be an entirely new pattern. The materials reflect both military and hipster/boho-chic trends. Versatility is created on so many levels due to those materials. They work perfectly on both a prepster heading out to a weekend in the Hamptons and the street style photographer hitting the city on his bicycle.

Same old monogram, new materials.

My most favorite bags are also something that I feel are stolen from another fashion house. These bags look almost too similar to the Celine Cabas Tote and the Celine Phantom Bag. Even the stitching where the handle attach are oddly similar. However, I do like that Louis Vuitton added shoulder straps. I don’t understand how women can carry a Cabas. It’s two feet long and has little straps to hold under the crutch of your wrist. No thank you, Celine.

Overall, the collection contained several new, exciting bags for men next season.

The Scarves

The new scarves introduces, surprisingly, took another old Louis Vuitton motif and reinvented it. The new neon colored Damier Ebene is absolutely to die for, and it is certain that many men will be going bananas in order to wear these for the next men’s fashion week in winter.

The Shoes

Okay, I am just going to flat-out say it: Marc Jacobs just decided to create a brand new shoe. No joke, and no big deal. He merged the sandal with wallet-esque folds and buttons to make these fabulous mutant monsters. Step back, Prada Brogues, there’s a new it shoe in town.

The rest of the shoes are well suited for summer weather and will fare well for gentlemen who appreciate the quality of Louis Vuitton. Their longevity and classic appeal will be no surprise to these men.

The What-the-Fuck?

Oh, relax. It’s a chair. See.

All in all, a wonderful collection that is certainly already selling well. Although fashion week is about the clothes, in this case it isn’t. After all, who really wears Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear?

Sit down, Kanye.